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International Employer Branding Project SWOPS (German)

With the EU-funded project SWOPS, the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation Club Berlin e.V. leads the way towards more equality between men and women in the working world. The aim is to develop an innovative HR tool (Human Resources) for the sustainable transformation of corporate cultures.

End of October 2015, the four international project partners from France, Germany, Sweden and Austria met in Swedish Motala to share first results.


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International employer branding project SWOPS shows: HR managers are often frighteningly powerless

The Business and Professional Women’s Club Berlin e.V. leads the way towards more equality between men and women in the working world with the EU-funded project SWOPS. The aim is to develop innovative HR tools for the sustainable transformation of corporate cultures. towards the end of October 2015, the four international project partners from France, Germany, Sweden and Austria met in Swedish Motala to share their preliminary results. The transnational finding is alarming: HR managers are often frighteningly powerless.

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Ice Breaker Strategy for more innovation and success

How employer branding works in the partner countries. Review of the swops consultation workshop in Sweden

From 21 to 23 October 2015, the SWOPS project partners met in Motala, Sweden. The gained project experiences in the various small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in each country were exchanged and strategies discussed. In addition it was drawn up jointly how the open advisor model must be designed to selectively initiate change processes in European companies and how to implement them successfully.

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SWOPS – Strategy for Change.

International employer branding project of the Business and Professional Women (BPW) Germany Club Berlin e.V. successfully launched into its second half

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Structural change and changing values ​​in business is the key response to demographic change and the increasing demand for qualified specialists and executives. With SWOPS, the BPW Club Berlin e.V. leads the dynamics towards better equal opportunities in employment and career development. The innovative tool brings together best practices from four countries, thus ensuring satisfied and committed employees.

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“Let us re-think role models!”

Swedish SME executives agree: New (gender neutral) approaches for recruiting improve spirit and creative potential in the company


How do we manage to change with SWOPS preconceived opinions and beliefs of young people in their personal career choices positively? To this end came on September 1, 2015 Motala, the capital of the Swedish province of Östergötland, a select group of decision-makers and decision-makers of three medium-sized companies from the region together. Read More


Full speed ahead for SWOPS

Berlin Senate for Labour, Integration and Women (Senate) granted additional funding for SWOPS – Berlin LIGAS GmbH supports SWOPS


The supplementary grant by the Berlin Senate (SenAIF) and a generous donation by the Berlin LIGAS GmbH are the own funds of the EUProjekts now fully furnished. Since the extraordinary meeting of BPW Club Berlin on July 8, 2015 is clear: Green light for the continuation of SWOPS.


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Welcome Austria!

New practice partner for SWOPS aboard. – New SME partner in France.


With the from Austria swops has again a fourth partner on board – we are back to full strength. Our French partner CERGE and CRGE could win more small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to participate in swops. We are pleased that with the in a comparatively short time a new partner for the initiated by us project to develop a structural change oriented personnel strategy (swops) were able to win.
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First contracts closed with SMEs

First interviews conducted – New heads in Team


After the successful kick-off 9 to 11 February 2015, the international partners from France, Sweden and Germany were able to bring their expectations swops to a common denominator, the EU project is entering a new phase: the implementation of the interviews with the executives of the participating small and medium enterprises (SMEs).


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Successful kick-off in Berlin

With a two-day kick-off meeting in Berlin, the EU-funded project SWOPS(structural change oriented personnel strategy) has taken momentum under the flag of BPW Club Berlin e.V. Within the period from 9 to 11 February 2015, the swops project consortium came together at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Berlin-Charlottenburg, to agree on the next steps in the project.
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Start of the EU project expected in fall 2014

At its meeting on 17 June 2014, the board of BPW Club Berlin e.V. has agreed to support the implementation of the approved EU project SWOPS. The goal with SWOPS is to bring more women into leadership positions in business and politics and – with a simultaneously improved reconciliation of work and family – to contribute to improving equality of opportunity between women and men in professional development.

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