Welcome Austria!


Welcome Austria!

New practice partner for SWOPS aboard. – New SME partner in France.


With the ARGE.at from Austria swops has again a fourth partner on board – we are back to full strength. Our French partner CERGE and CRGE could win more small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to participate in swops. We are pleased that with the ARGE.at in a comparatively short time a new partner for the initiated by us project to develop a structural change oriented personnel strategy (swops) were able to win.

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It is obvious that the participation of a fourth country for sharing experience enriched. The contact person at the ARGE are highly motivated and optimistic to the consultant workshop in Sweden, which is carried out during the period 21 to 23 October 2015 to already contribute concrete findings from the consultation process. The ARGE.at is one of the partners in the business clusters Ecoworld Styria www.eco.at. In this cluster some 130 companies in Styria are networked in the areas of resource conservation and renewable energy.


The member companies are facing the massive challenge of finding qualified personnel. Therefore, these enterprises have a vital interest in a consultancy under the swops project. for us as a club, we make us strong for the transformation of corporate cultures and more chance fairness between women and men at work, this project partnership brings the prime opportunity in the same several industries of the future to support and drive change constructively. We expect that the official onboarding of the Austrian partner will be completed in July. The informal agreement of all EU bodies and our partners in the project has already taken place.


The initial contact with the consortium was carried out by Clarissa Diana Wilke (swops, Head of Communications & Public Affairs). Good news also from France by Sigrid Wölfing who is responsible for swops as Managing Director of the European Information and resource center for employers Combinations (CERGE) the interface communication between France and Germany: There have been more French SMEs to attend swops reported – eh voilà: AETS Consultants (Lons), a consulting firm for global development projects in the areas of energy and climate change, natural resources, economic development and health and safety. Huttenes Albertus France (Brenouille), a manufacturer of chemical products for the French foundry industry.


The clinic Richelieu (Saintes) and the Aureus Factory (Marans), a company that specializes in high-class boat building is. With ADEQUAT Deux-Sèvres and ADEQUAT SERVICE two employer associations (AGZ) are included. AGZ are mergers between firms that share a skilled workforce. Specifically, it works like this: In the spirit of cooperative personnel management, AGZ bring the demand for labor, which goes beyond the permanent staff of the member companies, together and vote him off. From this time and partial demands are more full-time jobs can be combined. for workers employed in the flexible member companies is the employer merger of sole employer.


Employers mergers connect so the requirements of enterprises for flexibility with job security for workers; they are also a place for training and skills development. Employers mergers as adequately provide companies regularly or punctually qualified staff available and take care of all administrative matters at competitive prices. It gets even better: The workers receive a contract of indefinite duration, the long-term life planning and a broad competence development through the inserts in different companies makes possible. Especially for women and men who value flexibility in the job because they have to balance work and family life, the AGZ are a role model that evokes keen interest among our Swedish partners.


Therefore, our French partner travel in late fall a day earlier than planned to the consultant workshop to Sweden to bring an interested circle of Swedish entrepreneurs, the principle of employers’ associations means of best practice examples.