Centre Européen de Ressources des Groupements d’Employeurs

The European Information and Resource Centre (CERGE) defines itself as the official network of employers’ alliances. It gathers together all available information and competencies relating to employers’ alliances. Its main aim is to expand employers’ alliances in Europe and to oversee quality assurance.

CERGE was founded on 22nd February 2008 in Brussels by representatives of the French, Belgian and German EA Resources and Information Centres. Following its inaugural meeting, the Committee of Regions introduced the “Response to the European Commission’s Common Principles of Flexicurity” at the European Convention.

CERGE and its members have access to guides and materials regarding the formation of employers’ alliances, as well as to numerous investigations and studies on the subject. Contact CERGE and the members of your choice and language area for more information.

An important prerequisite to the transfer of the EA model to a country in which there are as yet no employers’ alliances is a transfer study. The study will consider:

  • The legal conditions for the foundation of EAs
  • The political framework
  • The situation of small and medium-sized businesses in the region

The principles of the transfer as an integral part of EAs

  • Consolidated working relationships with existing entrepreneurial flexibility
  • The altruism of employer cooperation
  • Fair wages
  • Protection against wage claims when no equity capital is being generated
  • Small and medium-sized businesses as a target group and Quality standards

In order to be able to estimate the chances of the formation of an EA, a feasibility study must be compiled. This includes:

  • Preliminary considerations regarding an EA in the selected region
  • Regional analysis
  • Survey of the needs and interests of businesses/employers in the region
  • Decision by the businesses/employers in the region regarding the foundation of an EA

The foundation of an EA involves the following steps:

  • Detailed requirement analysis in each individual business
  • The formation of jobs from the part-time positions identified
  • Preparation for the foundation: selection of the legal status and the drafting of a business plan

The foundation of the organisation, establishment of the financial, technical and personnel-related preconditions, hiring of initial employees

CERGE and CERGE-members have access to a broad spectrum of information and consultation materials. Contact the members of your choice and language area for more information.

The legal conditions for employers’ alliances vary from country to country. In order that flexicurity – flexibility and security for employers and employees – is guaranteed in the employers’ alliances across Europe, quality standards have been developed.

Globalisation has caused new challenges for companies, employees, social partnerships those active in regional development.

Employers’ alliances see themselves as components within a larger strategy whereby these challenges can be met as a local, regional, national and European level.


France Joubert

1. Representative


Sigrid Wölfing

Sigrid Wölfing

Managing Director



Centre de ressources pour les groupements d’employeurs Poitou-Charentes


Cyrielle Berger

Managing Director



AETS Consultants

AETS is a French consultancy which provides worldwide advice and is involved in development projects in the following fields:

  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Natural Resources
  • Economic Development
  • Health and Safety

Their main focus is in the fields of sustainable development, the strengthening of institutions, environmental management and social welfare. The company is ISO9001 certified.

Hüttenes-Albertus France

The company Hüttenes-Albertus France is a producer of chemical products for the French foundry industry, whose products are mostly produced in France. They offer to their clients the most modern foundry products for use in all familiar coremaking and mould fabrication processes. The company has three production sites in France, each of which disposes its own Research, Development and verification lab. The company Hüttenes France was created in Paris in 1962 and became Hüttenes-Albertus France in 1970. The company is ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001certified.

Klinik Richelieu (SAINTES 17)

Richelieu clinic, based in Saintes (FR) is a multidisciplinary surgical hospital with more than 70 beds and 12 places for ambulant treatments. The main surgical ward includes seven operating rooms, of which two are used for endoscopic surgery, an anaesthetic recovery room and a room for anaesthetics. The medical personnel consists of 17 surgeons and 11 generalists. The offer is completed by two kinesitherapists, two teams of radiologists and two specialists in diagnostic imaging systems. The clinic provides a pharmacy, which cares about all therapeutical needs of the patients and provides also the medical units with pharmatheuticals and medical aids.


ADEQUAT DEUX-SEVRES is an Employers ‘Alliance, which was created in 1997 by about 200 handicraft enterprises. Employers’ alliances (EAs) are alliances of employers (businesses, associations, public institutions), who utilise personnel together and carry shared responsibility. An Employers’ Alliance (EA) combines the requirements of employers/businesses for seasonal and part-time staff to create full-time jobs. This allows companies to combine their workforces, which they alone could not fully utilize or finance. EA employees have only one employment contract – with the EA. The aim of EAs is to provide the participating companies with qualified and reliable personnel transform insecure employment relationships into guaranteed full-time positions, strengthen the economic development of a region through the range of professional perspectives.
Adequat provides its members regularly or occasionally qualified personnel and cares about all administrative concerns for reasonable prices. The employees have an unlimited contract of employment, which allows long term planning and a broad development of competencies by the different missions in the members’ companies.

Aureus Factory (MARANS 17)

The AP Yacht Conception Company and the Aureus Yachts brand were born of a desire to overthrow sailing conventions by taking a new look at yachts, combining performance and comfort, enjoyment at sea and urban design, as opposed to the conservative “nautical” design so prevalent in the yachting sector today.

Aureus Yachts’ ultra-modern workshops are located in Marans, near La Rochelle. They employ 52 experienced, passionate craftspeople and journeymen. The shipyard has its own carpentry workshop, a composite part production and finishing workshop, a post cure oven for carbon/epoxy parts, and a leatherwork/case-making/carpeting workshop. This way, Aureus Yachts has access to the highest level of skill for complete quality control. We rely on these strong skills in its constant drive to innovate, in all the trades involved in the Aureus production process.