Consultancy report Becskei in Austria

Consultancy report Becskei in Austria

The Austrian company Becskei is a Styrian orthopedic and medical supply store with 62 years of company history. The original little shoemaker shop evolved into a company with three locations after Peter Becskei senior had decided after the war to align the company to meet the needs of the population and their numerous injured feet.

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Background and initial situation

The company is a Styrian Becskei orthopedic and medical supply store with a long history. It all began in 1954 when Peter Becskei sen., father of the current CEO, a shoemaker working in Leibnitz, Steiermark opened his shop. Many changes and bold decisions led to the fact that today’s orthopedic and medical supply store with three locations in Graz, Leibnitz and Germany Berg evolved from the small shoemakers .


The course for the current direction of the company as orthopedic and Supplies was set by Peter Becskei senior, when he decided to focus on the numerous at war injured feet and to provide relief  suffering people instead of continue to compete with the growing industrial footwear industry. In 1962 he therefore passed the exam for orthopedic shoemakers and devoted his craftsmanship henceforth also to the limitations and diseases of the foot.


Peter Becskei took over the company from his father in 1985. In the 30 years with him as managing director, the company underwent many changes, opened new stores and new areas of expertise. A big part of the success was also the passionate first employees, their commitment and dedication on which the company could always count.

Since 1995, his brother Thomas Becskei complements the team: the trained Bandagist and prosthetists became part of Becskei GmbH.



There were also social and political changes: job titles changed, have been renamed according to their significance and filled with new content. Thus, the shoemaker became the orthopedic shoemaker, prosthetist the prosthetist – and all three professions became part of the health professions.


The philosophy of the orthopedics Becskei is not only influenced by the claim to offer the best quality consulting and the highest quality tools to customers, but also on creating awareness for health. The training of apprentices plays an important role for Peter Becskei junior.


The project SWOPS supports the company to face up to personnel requirements of today. Since the company operates closely with the customer for the adaptation of orthopedic devices the company regards motivated and reliable employees as THE key factor influencing business success.


Through SWOPS, the Becskei Gmbh has received consulting to support the issue of equality in general and to take the opportunity to work on new ways to make more young women interested in the professional fields at the interface between technology and health.



The company Becskei is a prime exemplary for labour organization: Qualified part-time, good work-life balance, open communication culture within the company lead to a high staff-satisfaction and small fluctuation.

As subject for consultation was chosen to identify the motives for young women to engage in sale settings that are not as fancy as in other industries, but require even more tact and can avail the representation of relief, the company hiring female apprentices.


Triggering interest

The following measures could be of interest:

  • Offer trial days for pupils
  • Girls Day in the company: daughters, cousins, nieces may explore the company for one day
  • Make use of part-time opportunities
  • Training with higher school certificate (Matura)
  • Participate in the “Transparent Factory” program
  • Active investing in public relations – regularly appear in the media
  • Publicize certificates that are available (e.g. family friendly company)


Expert advice:
Promote apprenticeship training through the Public Employment Service

Unternehmen können für die Ausbildung von Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen einen pauschalierten Zuschuss zu den Kosten der Lehrausbildung bzw. der Lehrausbildung mit verlängerter Lehrzeit oder Teilqualifikation erhalten.

Enterprises may receive additional funding for the training of young people and adults with an extended apprenticeship or partial qualification.


Apprenticeship trainingcan be funded of

  • Girls / women in occupations with a low proportion of women
  • Apprenticeship seekers who are disadvantaged in the labor market
  • Participants in an apprenticeship with an extended apprenticeship or partial qualification
  • Adults (over 18 years) whose employment problem due to lack of qualifications through an apprenticeship or school dropouts can be solved.
  • The promotion will be paid out as a monthly contribution to the costs of apprenticeship training or apprenticeship with an extended apprenticeship or part qualification (apprenticeship remuneration, personnel and operating expenses) in lump-sum form. The aid is usually granted monthly for a teaching or training year. The application and approval via the locally competent public employment service.