SWOPS invited to EIGE expert meeting in Vilnius, Estonia

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) is organizing a meeting in Vilnius on the theme of “gender segregation in education, training and the labor market” on the occasion of the imminent adoption of the presidency of the Council by Estonia.


Approximately 25 experts are expected to share their experiences and develop proposals for further measures to eliminate gender inequality. The SWOPS team is invited to contribute results and experience from the consultation of 15 SMEs to the meeting.


We are very pleased with the invitation, especially as the EIGE Institute is selecting projects that have potential for sustainability.


Equal Opportunities – A critical look at stereotypes

Amongst other things, attractive Employers are distinguished by the fact that they offer equal opportunities to men and women. But this is the often lacking, especially in the SME sector. Why that is and how companies can take countermeasures was examined through  the EU-funded project SWOPS.

Project coordinators in Germany was the Berlin Club of Women’s Network Business and Professional Women (BPW) with the rationalization and innovation centre of the German Economy (RKW) Berlin. Haufe online spoke with Cornelia F. Kramer, first chair of the BPW Club Berlin e.V.

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The SWOPS project team says goodbye with this newsletter

After two productive years of project work with our partners from Sweden, France, Austria and Germany we say goodbye with this newsletter and thank you for your support and followup of the EU project StucturalChangeOrientedPersonelStrategy – SWOPS.

The goal of SWOPS was to develop concrete recommendations for senior management and HR managers of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to improve equality of opportunity in career development. We have shown that a sound technical advice from the outside can already make a big difference in order to achieve greater satisfaction among employees.

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Future-directed companies face structural transformation

EU project SWOPS presents counseling model for human resource managers

Berlin, 03. August 2016. Companies that want to be prepared for the future must actively face up to the structural transformation. The practical EU project SWOPS (the term stands for structural change-oriented personnel strategy) has developed key areas for action and provides a hands-on advice tool for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Europe in German and English. The tool acts like a compass through a process of change and enables a successful structural change-, gender and future-oriented personnel strategy. A central aspect of SWOPS was the study of equal opportunities in decision-making positions. Especially for SMEs this will be crucial since they faced with the consequences of demographic change and the crisis in human resources to a greater extent than larger companies or corporations.

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Consultancy report Becskei in Austria

The Austrian company Becskei is a Styrian orthopedic and medical supply store with 62 years of company history. The original little shoemaker shop evolved into a company with three locations after Peter Becskei senior had decided after the war to align the company to meet the needs of the population and their numerous injured feet.

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Business success and working environment have lasting benefits from the promotion of equal opportunities

  • During the EU project SWOPS, 16 SMEs in four European countries were accompanied over the period of two years. This resulted in an open consultation model for Human Resources (HR consulting model), a comparative country analysis and a Good-Pratices catalogue.


  • SWOPS recommends sustainable change in mentality at senior level for SMEs to be able to respond to demographic change implications with the help of gender equity.


Berlin, 12 July, 2016. Over two years, the EU project SWOPS accompanied CEOs and leaders of 16 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in France, Sweden, Austria and Germany, to examine and optimize opportunities in decision-making positions. The aim of the high-scale quality analysis was based on the results and experiences within the EU project to develop concrete recommendations for companies and recruiters. Given skill shortages and demographic change, gender equality is not only a question of justice or a fashion keyword, but of great economic importance for SMEs.


Main conclusion of SWOPS: A sustainable change in mentality at senior level is essential to mitigate the consequences of demographic change and especially to also benefit from it. A greater gender justice positively affects the medium term on the company’s success and the working atmosphere, and often provides the decisive competitive advantage.

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SWOPS Good Practices

Review on the SWOPS Final Event

On 18 May 2016, the international project partners of SWOPS from France, Sweden, Austria and Germany came together at the SRH Hochschule in Berlin to present, evaluate and discuss the experiences and results.

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Equal opportunities in HR development – but how?

On May 18, we were able to set a major milestone with the swops Graduation Event. All project partners and guests from Sweden, Austria, France and Germany found themselves in the SRH University Berlin together, the results presented and discussed passionately about the European status quo and the future of equal opportunity in business.

To continue the discussion, Dr. Thomas Rau, CEO at RKW Berlin Brandenburg, discusses below how equal opportunities can be generated through HR development according to his knowledge and experience as the SWOPS project coordinator in Germany. Read More

SWOPS final event on May 18, 2016 in Berlin: Improved equal opportunities as a guide for business – throughout Europe

Berlin, 03. May2015 – After two years project duration, the SRH University Berlin, in cooperation with the International Institute for Sustainability Management (IISM) present the SWOPS final event on May 18, 2016. SWOPS was initiated by the BPW Club Berlin e.V. with the aim to develop a structural change oriented personnel strategy to provide european companies with innovative tools for them to achieve higher gender equality in decision-making positions.

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