SWOPS final event on May 18, 2016 in Berlin: Improved equal opportunities as a guide for business – throughout Europe

SWOPS final event on May 18, 2016 in Berlin: Improved equal opportunities as a guide for business – throughout Europe

Berlin, 03. May2015 – After two years project duration, the SRH University Berlin, in cooperation with the International Institute for Sustainability Management (IISM) present the SWOPS final event on May 18, 2016. SWOPS was initiated by the BPW Club Berlin e.V. with the aim to develop a structural change oriented personnel strategy to provide european companies with innovative tools for them to achieve higher gender equality in decision-making positions.

During the two-year project of SWOPS and based on strategic discussions possible obstacles have been identified in operational structures and processes of selected small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from Germany, France, Austria and Sweden. The aim was to find out which explicit and implicit barriers prevent recruiters and managers to provide equal opportunities to women and men for advancement to management positions.

During the final event, four international SWOPS project partners will present their project results and report on the knowledge and experience gained. In the subsequent panel discussion, experts together with international guests discuss these results and the resulting next steps. The central question: How can equal opportunities be certified? “Only if changes are structurally rooted, there is a chance of implementation and sustainability” says Cornelia F. Kraemer, 1st Chairwoman of BPW Club Berlin e.V. and SWOPS project manager.

The final event will be opened with a welcome greeting from the patroness of SWOPS, Ms. Dilek Kolat, Senator for Labour, Integration and Women in the state of Berlin (SenAIF). Another highlight of the event is the presentation of the QIBB Quality Award for female entrepreneurs via Dr. Thomas Rau (Managing Director of RKW Berlin GmbH).

“Equal opportunity in the allocation of leadership positions is a key factor not only for the realization of gender equality, but at the same time to support particularly small and medium enterprises in their staff development as an economic factor,” says Senator Dilek Kolat. “This process is a particular concern, which I was glad to support with my patronage for SWOPS.”

During the project a compact advisory tool emerged as guidelines for the corporate managements. It helps employers to overcome traditional role models and increase their attractiveness as an employer for potential employees and also to differentiate themselves positively from competitors in the labour market. As such SWOPS enables employers to selectively pursue change processes in motion and successfully implement new personnel standards.

Participation in the SWOPS closing event is free of charge. Press is welcome.

Program, registration and further information: www.swops.eu

Text: Clarissa Diana Wilke, Board member at BPW Club Berlin e.V.

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The central concern of BPW Club Berlin e.V. as initiator of the EU project SWOPS is to achieve with the introduction of a structural change oriented personnel strategy and more equal opportunities in decision-making positions. – www.swops.eu

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