Agneta Larsson


Agneta’s background is in the Vattenfall Group where she worked in various projects for 16 years. Her specialty is in marketing communications. Since 2006, she is involved in several projects locally within the municipality, Östergötland County, nationally driven projects via NFC Motala, now via Tillväxt Motala and together with the provincial government funded by Tillväxtverket and the EU.

The projects have mainly been to develop women’s entrepreneurship and innovation, and, most recently, also influence and and enhance the visibility of existing structures within the business community and the municipality concerning gender equality.

We have worked with a bottom-up approach to support people, mostly women, who’s desires and presuppositions have been taken advantage of. From there, many networks formed and seminars, lectures, exhibitions and study tours have been conducted. It has strengthened the participants a lot to dare and take the plunge into self-employment or other changes in their respective careers. We have been able to bring together many of the “same position” as a number of our members came up with new ideas and keep developing cooperations.

The different positions Agneta has had within the municipality have given her plenty of experience relating to industry and the benefit to a large and wide network of contacts, mostly locally, but also regionally.

She strongly believes in a greater involvement and a win-win situation between industry and the municipality.